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The Artist - Continued



Artist Statement



In clay I found a perfect medium for the exploration of beauty and elegance.


At the same time clay is infinitely malleable, it can be totally unforgiving. I throw it, stretch it, form it, carve it, and defy or employ gravity, to strive for work that satisfies deeply felt archetypes of form and feeling. I find it remarkable how the smallest adjustment to line or curve, or the slightest change in angle or thickness can transform a pot or sculpture from one that is attractive to one that is sublime.


My passion for working with clay followed on decades of exploring art and architecture around the world. From the weighty perfection of the ancient world, to the sinuous, voluptuous art nouveau and beyond, so many styles reflect and satisfy core needs of the human soul. They have inspired me to look within for form and direction and nuance in my work.


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